Thursday, November 29, 2012

Junie B. Jones

We finished reading Junie B. Jones First Grader (at last!).  I love reading this book as our introduction to one of my favorite book characters, Junie B. Jones.  In the story, Junie B. finally starts first grade.  She deals with making new friends, having a new teacher (Mr. Scary) and worst of all learning she needs to wear dreaded glasses!  During this read aloud we worked on visualizing what was happening in the story.  It's fun to close your eyes and picture Junie B. Jones running out of her first grade classroom on the very first day of school.  We also worked on making predictions of what we thought would happen.

Once we were finished reading Junie B. First Grader (at last!), 1st graders brainstormed describing words from Junie B. Jones.  1st graders described her with some good descriptive words such as funny, silly, shy, excited and crazy in a good way.  We put these adjectives up around our big Junie B. poster.

In the wise words of Junie B. Jones, "A little glitter can turn your whole day around".

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  1. Hi Miss Klipfel and Boys and Girls,
    I think Junie B. is so cute. And I agree Junie sometimes can be "crazy in a good way." Do you know what the B. stands for in her name?
    You might even take a visit to the Junie B. Jones website. They have some fun games to play.

    Mrs. Klipfel