Sunday, March 11, 2018

Fuller Melody

Ding! Boom! Bing! The hallways of the Fuller Meadow 1st graders have sounded a little something like this over the last few weeks. Our new science program has brought us the very noisy, yet very fun, unit of sound. 1st graders began by investigating rubber bands and their ability to make sound. We were fascinated to learn that the thicker the rubber band, the lower the pitch.
After learning about sound, vibrations, pitch, and volume, Klipfel and Kids set out to make their very own instruments. We created everything from shakers to drums and even guitars made out of toilet paper rolls.
Thanks to the talented Mrs. Alvarado, The Banana Splits (our new band name) were ready to jam.

Next stop, Carnegie Hall.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

February Vacation Challenge

1st graders were given a little extra (optional) homework over vacation. I have heard all about your travel plans to tropical places, trips up north, and staycation activities. Now it's time to share them on the blog. Share a picture or comment anytime this week about what you are up to this vacation. Double click anywhere on the padlet below to add your comment. If you'd like to attach a picture then double click to add your sticky note and click the arrow symbol to attach a picture. You can also email me with your picture and comment and I will post it for you. I look forward to hearing/seeing your fun vacation posts to come.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue. Miss Klipfel's Class says, Happy Valentine's Day to you! Enjoy our Valentine's Day poems by clicking the video below. We hope your day is filled with chocolates, hearts and lots of love. 
xoxo Miss Klipfel's 1st Graders

Friday, February 9, 2018

Snowman Should Not...

1st graders have been working with their Kindergarten Buddies in Mrs. Newton and Mrs. Fromhangen's room over the past few weeks to brainstorm tips for snowmen. We started by reading Snowmen at Work and listening to Olaf sing "In Summer". With buddies, students then completed a sentence of what a snowman should NEVER do. In partners, students illustrated a snowman in some hot places. We then used one of our favorite apps Chatter Pix and made our snowmen come to life. Check out our video below with everything a snowman should not do.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Global School Play Day

Today marked one exciting, fun and very educational day in 1st grade. During Global School Play Day, we focused on learning and researching through unstructured play. In the morning we had a "playdate" with Mrs. E. Higgins' class and went to town creating with boxes. Later, Mrs. K. Higgins' and Mrs. Newton's classes rotated through our room. Followed by a lovely visit in Mrs. Murphy's room. To end our shortened day we headed to the gym with Ms. Teixeira's class. During the whole day the smiles, opportunities to play, creativity and imagination were endless. It was truly inspirational to see the smiles, laughter and happiness. Check it out for yourself:

Hopefully today inspires your family to plan for more unstructured play time during non-school hours and help children’s imagination and creativity to grow both in the classroom and beyond.