Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How To...

In Writer's Workshop, 1st graders have been focusing on informational writing. Each student chose a topic they were an expert on to create a "How To..." book. Once students decided on a topic they began with a rough draft, making sure to use rich transition words to organize their writing to make sense. After that, 1st graders used a new app Scribble Press to create a digital published book.

Check out our published digital creations by clicking on the book titles below:
Emma: How to Make a Fun Play
Brady: How to Play Minecraft
Dylan: How to Play Football
Lucia: How to Make Your Sister Laugh

Izzy: How To Run a Race
Gavin: How to Make Fruit Salad
Nikola: How to Play Basketball

Nathan: How to Swim
Oliver: How to Open Lego World
Colin: How to Draw a Hot Rod
Andrew: How to Run a Race
Trevor: How to Play Football
Olivia: How to Play Baseball
Isabella: How to Make My Brother Laugh
Abby: How to Make a Self Portrait

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Reader's Theater

1st graders have been hard at work learning about the water cycle. We have been learning about all the different places water can go by following two drops in a reader's theater. After practicing reading it with fluency and expression, first graders were ready to hear themselves read. We set up a giant green screen (thanks to Mrs. Klipfel for letting us borrow it) and we were ready to record. Using the Green Screen app by Do Ink (one of our favorites) we were able to add real water, clouds and even waterfalls behind our videos. Students said they were nervous to record but proud of their finished work..and they definitely should be very proud. Check out our Water Cycle Reader's Theater video below. It is definitely worth a view or ten.

Common Core State Standard RF 1.4 Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Vacation Challenge

1st graders were given a little extra (optional) homework over vacation. I have heard all about your travel plans to tropical places, trips up north, and staycation activities. Now it's time to share them on the blog. Share a picture or comment anytime this week about what you are up to this vacation. Double click anywhere on the padlet below to add your comment. If you'd like to attach a picture then double click to add your sticky note and click the arrow symbol to attach a picture. You can also email me with your picture and/or comment and I will post it for you. I look forward to hearing/seeing your fun April vacation posts to come.
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Water Cyle

Look right in front of you. Do you see that? Yes, right there all around you. It's water vapor! Over the past month, 1st graders have become weather experts. We transformed into scientists and began a water cycle experiment. Students constructed Mr. Potato head inspired water cups which we filled with water and put around the classroom. Some experiment cups had nothing on top of them, other had napkins, tissue paper, mustache duct tape and even plastic bags. We need lots of variables for a good scientific experiment.
Students worked as pairs to make a hypothesis about what they predicted would happen. Scientists observed all month making notes, diagrams and observations in their journals. Today was the last day of our experiment because the cup with no covering had only one single drop of water left! It took a few weeks but the water sure did evaporate.
Not only are 1st graders scientists but they have also turned into meteorologists. We have learned about four main types of clouds: cumulus, cirrus, stratus & cumulonimbus. Students have learned describing words for these clouds, constructed cloud flip books and even had Hayley LaPoint, a meteorologist from WMUR visit.
Do you know which clouds are the dark and stormy clouds? Or which clouds sometimes look like pancakes? Make sure to take a peek at the clouds with your child. They have tons of cloud knowledge to share! Science is as much fun as being on cloud nine!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dr. Seuss

We have been having a Seusstastic March! As part of Read Across America in Room 116 students went on a QR hunt around the classroom with all of their Dr. Seuss knowledge. Try scanning the codes below (all you need is any free QR scanning app for an iPhone, iPad or iPod).
There was lots of Dr. Seuss trivia. Do you know where Dr. Seuss was born or what the first book he ever wrote was? How about the number of words in Green Eggs and Ham? If not, ask your first grader to help.
We kicked off the month with a 1st grade reading of the Sneetches.  We got comfy cozy with our Kindergarten buddies and 2nd grade connections to share our love of reading.
Fuller Meadow had a wonderful visit from author and illustrator Maryann Cocca-Leffler who inspired us to use real life people and events to create stories.  We celebrated a month of reading favorites with a door decoration of favorite books and created our own favorite hats.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” -Dr. Seuss