Wednesday, April 24, 2013


1st graders have been practicing weighing objects in our current Math in Focus unit. We have been using scales, cubes and classroom objects to practice our weighing skills.  Using vocabulary such as heavier than, lighter than, as well as, heaviest and lightest has really turned us into experts at weight.

What weighs more a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

GO GREEN! This month we have stressed the importance of helping the Earth. We read Fancy Nancy, Every Day is Earth Day and learned fun sayings to help us reduce, reuse and recycle.

1st graders painted the Earth with their hand print in the middle (their tiny prints are too cute!). Students then wrote a cinquain poem using words and phrases about saving the Earth.

Remember, "take a note use a tote" and "get clean but stay green". 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Poetry Share

"Keep a poem in your pocket and a picture in your head and you'll never feel lonely at night when you're in bed."

Today was Keep a Poem in your Pocket Day at Fuller Meadow in honor of National Poetry month.  1st graders met with their K-Buddies to share their poetry folders.

We were hoping to spread our blankets out under the sun however, we settled for using our imaginations in our Kindergarten friends' classroom.

1st graders recite and read their poems often.  As we review them, we look for sight words and phonics skills within them.  As 1st grader's reading skills have developed, they enjoy going back to these familiar poems and using their literacy skills more and relying less on memorization.  

Enjoy a  wonderful April Vacation with your child!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reading Strategies

As Junie B. would say, we headed outside "speedy quick" this afternoon when we saw how gorgeous the weather was.  As a whole class read aloud, 1st graders have been listening to Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal.  This afternoon with our Read and Respond journals in hand and pencil boxes in tote we headed to the back ballfield to do our work with the sun shining above.

During our reading of this Junie B. Jones story 1st graders have been focusing on their comprehension strategies.  Below are the reading strategies we focus on in class.
In their Read and Respond journals, students wrote either a prediction or connection they have to the story.  The challenge for 1st graders who made a connection was to decide if it was a text-to-text connection or text-to-self connection. 

Practice these comprehension strategies at home while reading with your child.  Remember good reading is thinking!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Go Sox!

WallyHappy Opening Day 2013!  Opening Day at Fenway Park is always a special day. From the hype before hand, the return of my favorite announcers, Remy and Orsillo, the excitement during the game and who can forget about Wally, there are just so many things to love about this day.  I've been to one Opening Day at Fenway and it was by far my favorite baseball game I've ever attended and having been to over 15 major league baseball parks, I've been to a LOT of baseball games.  So here in 1st grade, we decided to show a little Sox Spirit!

As part of our poetry unit 1st graders learned the correct form of creating a diamante which ties perfectly with baseball.

two adjectives
three _ing words
4 word phrase
three _ing words
two adjectives

This form of poetry also helps us practice the parts of speech.  As a class we brainstormed baseball nouns.  1st graders came up with everything from Wally to Dustin Pedoria to Big Papi, even hot dog.  We brainstormed adjectives and baseball words ending in -ing.  Students then created their own baseball diamante poems to decorate our classroom door. 
From all of us 1st graders in Red Sox Nation we wish the Sox the best of luck in their 2013 season. Let's "Play Ball"!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reader's Theater

As part of our weather unit students took part in The Water Cycle Adventure Reader's Theater.  Everyone received a part in our small class skit.  1st graders practiced and then performed this for each other.  We made sure to practice using our fluent reading voice.

This reader's theater followed two drops of water from the ocean into water vapor all the way through the water cycle.  Parts included everything from the sun, streams, glaciers and even a sewage processing plant.  It was fun to watch future actresses and actors in the making.

Another part of our weather unit took us outdoors to observe the clouds.  Scientists had a recording sheet to jot down describing words for the clouds they saw.  1st graders also drew a sketch of the clouds they observed that day.  Next time you're outside with your 1st grader look up at the sky and see what clouds you see.