Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reading Strategies

As Junie B. would say, we headed outside "speedy quick" this afternoon when we saw how gorgeous the weather was.  As a whole class read aloud, 1st graders have been listening to Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal.  This afternoon with our Read and Respond journals in hand and pencil boxes in tote we headed to the back ballfield to do our work with the sun shining above.

During our reading of this Junie B. Jones story 1st graders have been focusing on their comprehension strategies.  Below are the reading strategies we focus on in class.
In their Read and Respond journals, students wrote either a prediction or connection they have to the story.  The challenge for 1st graders who made a connection was to decide if it was a text-to-text connection or text-to-self connection. 

Practice these comprehension strategies at home while reading with your child.  Remember good reading is thinking!

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