Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reader's Theater

As part of our weather unit students took part in The Water Cycle Adventure Reader's Theater.  Everyone received a part in our small class skit.  1st graders practiced and then performed this for each other.  We made sure to practice using our fluent reading voice.

This reader's theater followed two drops of water from the ocean into water vapor all the way through the water cycle.  Parts included everything from the sun, streams, glaciers and even a sewage processing plant.  It was fun to watch future actresses and actors in the making.

Another part of our weather unit took us outdoors to observe the clouds.  Scientists had a recording sheet to jot down describing words for the clouds they saw.  1st graders also drew a sketch of the clouds they observed that day.  Next time you're outside with your 1st grader look up at the sky and see what clouds you see.

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