Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mystery Reader

Walk down Klipfel and Kids
pathway to take a seat in our reading chair
Calling all Mystery Readers! Thank you to all who have already signed up to be a mystery reader and to those who have already visited our class. There is still space left if you or any member of your family would still like to sign up to be a mystery reader. Thursdays at 1:15-1:30 from May 9th to June 6th are still available. You may bring a few of your favorite picture books to share with the class or choose from our classroom library. Please email me or send in a sealed note with the date you would like to read. All are welcome to come and read but remember, shh it's a secret!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pretty Please

Convince Me! Students have been working on writing persuasive writing pieces. First, we brainstormed different items they wanted at home or at school. Then students wrote adorable persuasive letters to try and change your mind.  To help us write persuasive pieces we have been using "OREO". We start by writing our Opinion, then Reason, next Explanation, and finally restate our Opinion. If we're feeling like extra great writers that day, we will double stuff our Oreo!  Students worked in groups to write a persuasive piece convincing me to get something for our classroom.
 Rayan, Liam, Ariana and Kenna tried to convince me for a class guinea pig.  They believed it would be cute and soft.  The four of them even told me they would clean the cage twice a week. Unfortunately no pets are allowed at school so I guess our stuffed friends will have to do.
Kurt, Emma, Ana and Aidan hoped for a pool inside room 116.  They believe it will be fun and help us all not be sweaty.  They even offered to help teach anyone who doesn't know how to swim.  As much as I love swimming, I just don't think a pool would fit in our classroom
Brady, Allison and Mia gave arguments for why we should get an Apple T.V. in our classroom.  They believe everyone would be able to see the app from the iPads on the Smartboard and that they would be able to teach each other more things.  Everyone in our classroom agreed on this one and we're definitely hoping to get one soon. Fingers crossed!
Maxwell, Nicholas, Rebecca and Jacob would like an awesome Easter Egg Hunt for our 1st grade class.  They stated they would bring it all in from home and we could have it on a Friday.  They even ended with a choral group "PLEASE".  They definitely know good manners is the best way to convince me!
Andrew, Olivia, Kaitlin, and Riley persuaded the class for nap time.  This group believed it would be comfy since they could sleep with bean bags, beds, massage chairs and stuffed animals.  They hoped this would help students not be so tired in class so they could do their work. 

Since all the 1st graders did an excellent job with their writing we celebrated with a minute nap time, thanks to the group that convinced me.  Even without beds and bean bags students loved their minute nap (and it definielty helped them do their work)!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long iPad

I'd like to buy a vowel, a long i please?  During reading this month we have been focusing on the sneaky silent e! He sneaks up on a consonant and makes the vowel say its name.  To practice with sneaky e and other long i words, students made their very own apps for our long i iPad!
Our long i iPad with long i apps!
Students came up with such creative apps like spy girls, apple time, fighting guys, ice cream monkey and mining seven.  Check out some of our app pictures!
Tuff Tiger & Lime Guy
Fruit Fly & Mighty Pilot
These apps look like so much fun!  If only we could really get some of them on our iPads.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Math has been quite a busy time for us in 1st grade. Length and measurement have been our focus for the past few weeks.  Students used non standard units to measure different objects around the classroom.  We have been practicing using our mathematical language to compare objects.  Have your child show you how they can make their body large, larger and largest or short, shorter and shortest.
Is our monkey longer or shorter than the yard stick?
Prior to our learning about length, 1st graders learned all about ordinal numbers.  We used what we knew about standing in line or grades in school to practice with the order words (first, second, third, fourth etc.).  Students also practiced with positional words such as between, behind, in front of or underneath.

1st graders are now moving into number sentences and word problems to 20, so please continue to work on automatically knowing addition and subtraction facts to ten!

From all of us in Room 116, GO PATS!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fairy Tale Covers

Our published fairy tale covers are complete.  Click on the picture below to view a slideshow of 1st graders fairy tale covers created on the iPads.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's

Hopes and Dreams for 2013

To start the new year off right we brainstormed New Year's resolutions.  We discussed how these are goals or promises we make to ourselves for the new year.  1st graders used an organizer to think of personal goals, school goals and goals for friends and family.  Then they picked one resolution and typed it using the iPads onto our Wallwisher.

We would love for you to add your 2013 resolution to our wall.  Just double click anywhere on the wall.  Then add your name and type your resolution.  Happy New Year!