Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Before Thanksgiving break we ended the day by playing my favorite game show, Jeopardy!  We took a little field trip and played in the new and improved ampitheater equipped with a brand new Smartboard.  1st graders had a blast reviewing all the different things we've learned so far this year.

Students took turns selecting a category and amount.  Our categories included:

Writer's Workshop

What's the date?
Count on Me
Gobble Gobble
Name that Sound
Miss Klipfel & Mango

1st graders worked as groups to figure out the answer and then wrote it on their iPad.  Groups then turned their iPads around to reveal their answers. For one question, two quarters were shown on the board and students had to write the correct amount.  One group was having a little discussion whether the correct answer was $0.45 or $0.50.  A 1st grader in the group said in a very confident manner,  "I know this! It's $0.50, I did this on IXL."  She was of course correct and made her teacher very proud!


  1. Miss Klipfel and Boys and Girls,
    I love to play Jeopardy. Miss Klipfel usually knows more answers though when we watch together. You are so lucky to have an ampitheater at your school. It looks like a cozy place to be. Did Mango get to come and play with you?
    Mrs. Klipfel

    1. We do love the new and improved ampitheater with the very fancy Smartboard!