Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Election Day was in full swing in Room 116.  It really was too cute listening to the conversation around political talk yesterday.  Quite some strong opinions from my little friends.  I did have to explain that no Matt Romney isn't a candidate for president.

We started learning about both candidates by checking out some educational sites and videos. Students learned all the rules about becoming president. Some were sad to learn that Justin Bieber couldn't be president (since he's not from the United States or 35 years old).

After learning about the candidates it was time to vote!  Students polled 10 friends and asked them who they'd vote for.  One student informed me  they were voting for Obama because "he's handsome".  After polling friends around the room, students recorded their data by tallying the results and making a pie graph.

We ended our day with Scholastic Time for Kids Let's Vote.  We read the magazine and did an activity to recall information.  It was split right down the middle in our classroom. Now let's see what the electoral college has to say.

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