Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Penpal Letters

As many of you have probably heard we have been writing penpal letters to 2nd grade students in Chelsea, MA.  This has been so much fun for the students and myself!  There is still something to be said about the good old fashioned snail mail.  Towards the end of October we were the first to send off letters introducing ourselves to our penpals.  There were resounding cheers within the classroom before Thanksgiving break when we received our first letters back.  Students were SO excited to read and learn about their penpals, they wanted to share with everyone.
Last week was such a wonderful week in Writer's Workshop.  1st graders were begging for writing time so they could write back to their penpals.  Having my announcement that it's writing time answered with cheers couldn't make me happier.  Students wrote about some of their holiday traditions, their favorites and made sure to ask a question with a question mark.
Student's excitement and curiosity shined through their lengthy writing pieces.  Our letters have been mailed and we're waiting patiently for our next batch.


  1. Hello, Miss Klipfel and First Graders,

    I am so excited that you have penpals. I had a penpal when I was younger. It was so fun! I would love to hear about your penpals. I hope you will share them with me one day.
    Mrs. Carreiro

    1. Hello Mrs. Carreiro,

      Thank you so much for commenting on our blog. We hope you enjoy reading what we're up to in 1st grade. Of course we would love to share our penpal letters with you when they return. We are trying to set up a time to skype with our penpals. We'll keep you posted.

      Miss Klipfel's Class