Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How To...

In Writer's Workshop, 1st graders have been focusing on informational writing. Each student chose a topic they were an expert on to create a "How To..." book. Once students decided on a topic they began with a rough draft, making sure to use rich transition words to organize their writing to make sense. After that, 1st graders used a new app Scribble Press to create a digital published book.

Check out our published digital creations by clicking on the book titles below:
Emma: How to Make a Fun Play
Brady: How to Play Minecraft
Dylan: How to Play Football
Lucia: How to Make Your Sister Laugh

Izzy: How To Run a Race
Gavin: How to Make Fruit Salad
Nikola: How to Play Basketball

Nathan: How to Swim
Oliver: How to Open Lego World
Colin: How to Draw a Hot Rod
Andrew: How to Run a Race
Trevor: How to Play Football
Olivia: How to Play Baseball
Isabella: How to Make My Brother Laugh
Abby: How to Make a Self Portrait

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