Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Breakout EDU (1st Grade Edition)

A few weeks ago, Dr. Carreiro brought Breakout EDU to our Fuller Meadow staff meeting. After trying Breakout EDU with some Fuller Meadow colleagues, I just HAD to let my 1st graders try! Dr. Carreiro let our class be her guinea pigs. She set the boxes up and got the learning activity ready.
Students were split into two teams to work together to solve clues and unlock locks in order to break into the box. Clues were based on one of our favorites, Pete the Cat, making it fun and educational for students. During the Breakout EDU, Klipfel & Kids were problem solving, using critical thinking and working on their communication skills. 
Personalities, strengths and leadership skills were apparent during this activity. This breakout allowed quiet bystanders to have their voice heard and help their group solve the clues in order to crack the clues. Dr. Carreiro and I were blown away!
and then....


Thank you again to Dr. Carreiro for introducing this amazing learning activity to me and facilitating it with us. We will definitely be back for more!

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