Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Talk about one egg-citing day! In case you haven't heard, Room 116 had thirty-seven new feathered friends. Yesterday was our official hatch day and our chicks didn't disappoint. 21 days ago the wonderful Mrs. Bucchiere (also known as Farmer Darcy) brought in eggs, an incubator and her chick hatching knowledge to let us observe this life cycle right in our classroom. 
We had viewing parties throughout the day and watched some chicks hatch right in front of our eyes. Enjoying chirping background music throughout the day, we observed egg tooths, first pips, and zipping in real time. We saw first hand how much work it takes for chicks to hatch out of their shell and see how exhausted they are when they make it out.
To end our day, scientific observers wrote, drew and diagrammed what they had been observing for the past 21 days. Students even made books entitled, How To Hatch Chicks.
Today we said goodbye to our feather cluck-mates. We watched as their down feathers puffed up and saw them pecking away. Room 116 might be sad to see them go but know they are off to a good home.
It truly has been a special science experience (for me too). Another special THANK YOU to Farmer Darcy for allowing us to take part in this real life science learning!

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