Saturday, November 5, 2016

Election Prep

Just like many Americans, 1st graders are anxiously awaiting voting day. On Monday, November 7th, 1st graders will be casting their votes in our very own first grade election. Since first graders haven’t quite turned 18, we aren't voting on the presidential candidates but rather between a No Homework Night or an Extra 1st Grade Recess.   First, students had to register to vote.  In order to register, voters needed to reside in Middleton, attend Fuller Meadow School, and be in 1st grade.  Voter registration cards are filled out and ready to bring to the polls on Monday.

Next up was creating campaign posters.  1st grade voters spread across classrooms to work in different campaign headquarters.  Students made posters, signs and catchy slogans to try and convince others to vote their way. 
On Friday, we put our campaign posters in the courtyard for voters to read on their way to lunch.  We also picketed outside to get those last minute undecided votes.
Polls open Monday morning and we are excited to see what the 1st grade voters pick. Every vote counts! 

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