Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Day

The results are in and with a 45 to 17 vote, 1st graders overwhelmingly voted for an Extra 1st Grade Recess.  Each 1st grader had a job throughout the day to help make Election Day run smoothly.  Picketers were out again, trying to gather any last minute votes.  1st graders worked at the voter check-in booth.  Voters needed to present their registration card, have their names checked off the voting list before receiving their ballot.

Once voters received their ballots, they stepped into the voting booth and with a little help from some step stools cast their votes.
Voters then checked out by putting their ballots in the ballot box and received their "I Voted" stickers (thank you to Middleton Town Hall for their donation).
When all votes were cast, the vote counters were needed.  They counted the votes, and then made sure to double check so no recount was needed.
We gathered as a whole first grade at the end of the day to hear the results.  There was a huge roar when the results were revealed.  1st grade voters will be having an Extra 1st Grade Recess soon!