Saturday, May 16, 2015

Scavenger Hunt

1st graders and their Kindergarten buddies went on a Weather Scavenger hunt in the courtyard. Using all their knowledge of weather, spring and Mother Nature, 1st graders used the iPads to take photos of items on their scavenger hunt list.
Finding something that crawls
Looking for something growing towards the sun

On the hunt for something that can be
carried by the wind
Finding something that changes
with the seasons

 Here's a peek at life through a 1st grade eye:

Something that will evaporate into a cloud

Something that can be struck by lightning
Something that reminds you of summer
Not only are these photos National Geographic ready but it was also wonderful to hear the scientific discussions going on. 1st graders and Kindergarten friends came up with different creative photos for all the items on their hunt.

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