Friday, May 8, 2015

Go Green!

We have been stressing the importance of helping the Earth. We read Fancy Nancy, Every Day is Earth Day and learned fun sayings to help us reduce, reuse and recycle. She taught us to "take a note use a tote" and "get clean but stay green".

1st graders painted the Earth with their hand print in the middle (their tiny prints are too cute!). Students then wrote a variety of different poems using words and phrases about saving the Earth. There was everything from cinquains to haikus, acrostics and even diamantes.  We sure have become spectacular poets!

Fuller Meadow's Walk to School day this week helped students practice ways to Go Green by realizing we can walk/bike places instead of using a car.  It was a "beautiful day in the neighborhood" and we enjoyed a wonderful morning stroll around the block (with the exception of some 1st grade friends ready for lunch, snack, water and even a nap).

Remember, "Under a mile, ride in style!"

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