Thursday, January 29, 2015


During reading we have been busy exploring nonfiction books.  These books have special features that inform, tell or explain new information to us.  The table of contents, real life photographs, labels, captions, bold print, maps, and glossaries all help us understand the information we're learning.
Using our anchor chart to help us decide if books are fiction or nonfiction
We have done lots of different activities with all these nonfiction features.  We sorted books into nonfiction or fiction.  1st graders went on a scavenger hunt for nonfiction text features and even wrote down nonfiction notes with all the facts we learned.
Working in pairs to hunt for nonfiction features
Make sure to keep looking for these text features while reading at home. Remember, reading is thinking!

Common Core Standard: RI.1.5 Reading: Informational Text Craft and Structure- Know and use various text features (e.g., headings, tables of contents, glossaries, electronic menus, icons) to locate key facts or information in a text.

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