Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowmen Should Not...

1st graders have been working with their Kindergarten Buddies over the past few weeks to brainstorm tips for snowmen.  We started by reading Snowmen at Work and listening to Olaf sing "In Summer".  With buddies, students then each completed a sentence of what a snowman should NEVER do.  In partners, students illustrated a snowman in some hot places.  We then used our new favorite app Chatter Pix and made our snowmen come to life.  Check out our video below with everything a snowman should not do. 


  1. Dear Miss Klipfel and Students,
    All of your ideas for snowmen are very true. I think that all snowmen are really enjoying this snowy winter. What have you done on your days off from school? I spent today in front of a warm fire doing a jigsaw puzzle.
    Mrs. Klipfel

  2. I loved making a snowman should not and being with my buddy because she is nice i love being with my buddy.