Thursday, December 22, 2016

Grinch Day

1st graders had an idea, an awful idea, a wonderful awful idea...Grinch Day! All the Whos down in Whomeadow, the tall and the small, enjoyed an awfully wonderful Grinch Day. 1st grade gathered in the gym and enjoyed the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas with musical accompaniment by Andrew's grandfather.
Later in the day, each 1st grader made their own Grinch card with pictures and kind messages to help grow another person's heart. We even got to visit different first grade classrooms while we worked.
At the end of the day, 1st graders then gathered around in a circle (just like the Whos) and played musical cards to the song, Jingle Bells. We passed our cards from one Who to the next until the singing stopped. Each 1st grader then got a card made by another 1st grader to help make their heart grow (it also helped grow their teachers' hearts). It was truly adorable!
We know the Grinch's heart was too sizes too small so 1st graders were on the lookout for others showing kindness to one and all throughout the day. We added lots of new hearts to our giant Grinch and learned the most important lesson of all.
"It doesn't matter if you get a present or not, it matters if you are with your friends and family and care for each other.
Merry Grinchmas!

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  1. Andrew's grandfather (Grandy) LOVED the thank you card Klipfel and Kids made for him. He especially loved all the pictures and notes from all of you. He loves playing his accordion and listening to everyone sing! He hopes everyone had a Merry Christmas!