Monday, April 11, 2016

Meteorologist Visit

Last week, 1st grade had the pleasure of meeting meteorologist, Haley LaPoint from WMUR.  Haley is a former MASCO graduate with a real passion for weather.  1st graders and myself learned so much from her weather expertise.  We were shocked to learn that cirrus clouds are really made of ice and that the Empire State building has been struck thousands of times by lightning!  Did you know that lighting is 5 times hotter than the sun?  She even showed us baseball size hail.  Ask a first grader to describe how hail is really made.
Using our cloud knowledge, we played a cloud game where Haley gave describing words and hand motions for our favorite clouds. She also took us on a behind the scenes tour of the WMUR studios and showed us the magic behind how meteorologist use the green screen.    
Haley let us help her predict the future and showed us the Doppler radar.  Together we could tell that it was going to rain later that day. This week spend time observing the clouds. Do you see any clouds that are high and wispy, cirrus clouds in the sky? Are there any cumulonimbus clouds precipitating

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