Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Talk about one egg-citing day!  In case you haven't heard, Room 116 has nine new feathered friends.  Today was our official hatch day and our chicks didn't disappoint.  The whole first grade came to visit this morning and we were lucky enough to see a live hatching.
  1st graders spontaneously burst into a happy birthday serenade (which was adorable!).  Check out the video footage we caught.  
During math, we wrote chick word problems and even connected the time the chicks hatched to our math unit.  We of course had some chirping background music.
After lunch we were lucky enough to see another chick hatch and catch another live hatching video.  Check it out:

To end our day, scientific observers wrote, drew and diagrammed what they had been observing for the past 21 days.

It truly has been a special science experience (for me too).  Another special THANK YOU to Mrs. Bucchiere for allowing us to take part in this real life science learning!

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