Thursday, December 10, 2015

Simple Machines

1st grade scientists and Science Sam (also known as Mr. Sam) have been having a simply sensational time exploring simple machines.  Through real-life simple machines set up right in our classroom (thanks to Mr. Sam) scientists have had 1st hand experiences to explore and investigate during our science unit.  

We got to see how pulleys help us use less force to move heavy loads.  1st graders even went outside to use the pulley on the flag pole to help make the work of raising the flag easier.
We practiced how levers use a fulcrum as a pivot point to make lifting the load easier.  Science Sam taught us that a swing is really a level and helped us use levers to lift the lid of a paint can.

Wheel and axles were our next investigation.  We thought about scooters, bikes, wheelchairs and even the wheel and axles on cars.
In the classroom and around the school we have also explored inclined planes, wedges, and screws.  Click on the pictures below to try some fun simple machine games at home (they are on the class symbaloo too).

Thank you Science Sam for helping us see that these simple machines have sure helped make our work easier.

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