Sunday, October 11, 2015

Writing Process

It looked like a squiggle but it wasn't a squiggle...

We read the story, It Looked Like Split Milk to get ideas for our own writing pieces. Students were given a squiggle line and created a picture around that squiggle. It is always fun to see what the boys' and girls' creative minds come up with. Students' drawings were unique and interesting. Once we completed our pictures, we wrote a sentence to go with our work. Then, we took our sentences through the whole writing process!   We especially focused on revising our writing to make them even better.  Using green pens we revised to add descriptive words and phrases so our work was more interesting.  We used purple pens to edit our capitals, punctuation and spelling.  The pictionaries really helped us to make sure our spelling was fixed.  1st graders are really turning into true authors.

When our writing was published we recorded our draft sentence and then recorded our revised sentence.  Click on our recordings above and make sure to pay close attention to how student's second sentences are much BETTER than their first . What do you see in the squiggle?

 photo SequinHeart_zpsd1212b09.jpg

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  1. We played this for Davis' Nana who was a school teacher in Peabody but is now retired. She thought you all did so nicely on your work :)