Saturday, April 4, 2015

Egg-cellent Activities

Believe it or not, it's springtime.  Even though it may not feel and look like spring outside, we are celebrating spring in Room 116.  This week, first graders were busy learning and working with spring eggs.  We started this week by reading an interactive story, A World of  Easter Eggs on the Smartboard.  It was fun to learn about colored eggs in Ukraine, golden eggs that take over a year to make in Russia and delicious chocolate eggs from Italy.  We even learned that chefs in Argentina made a 28 foot chocolate egg that started melting in the sun!  

Students were given the challenge of finding an object to fit inside a spring egg and write three clues for that object. On Friday, we partnered up with Mrs. Thomson's class to share our clues.  
After we then shared our clues as a class.  I was so impressed with students' thoughtful clues.  Can you guess what was manufactured by the government and made of copper?  Or can be a home for animals and found by sand?

To end our egg-travagant week we met with our Kindergarten buddies and made eggs of symmetry.  Buddies each decorated half of an egg, then traded to make the other half symmetrical.

Happy spring!

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