Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Author Visit

Author and illustrator, Mary Newell DePalma visited Fuller Meadow School yesterday. She spoke to students about becoming book creators and how it all starts with an idea that could be sitting right outside your window.  Many of Mrs. DePalma's books are inspired by the outdoors.
Mrs. DePalma also told us all about the writing process, how she gets her ideas, and how a book gets published.  Not only is she an author but she is also an illustrator. She brought the rough drafts of her artwork and even let students touch some of her collages that eventually turned into real pages in her published stories.

In preparation for her visit and as part of Read Across America month, 1st graders read her story A Grand Old Tree. Students then made the different stages of the tree, used transition words and retold the story in order.  We were also so inspired by her visit that 1st graders were able to design their own tree illustrations just like she did.
Once there was a grand old tree...
Check out our talented retelling illustrations!

I wonder where our next story ideas will come from.  Maybe we can start with, once there was a grand little monkey...

Common Core State Standard R.L 1.2: Retells stories including key details and demonstrates understanding of their central message or lesson.

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