Monday, December 8, 2014

Fairy Tales

Princes and princesses of 1st grade have been royally enjoying exploring the elements of fairy tales.   We discussed how fairy tales are made up stories that usually have magical elements and often contain the number 3 or 7.  1st graders have been reading many different traditional fairy tales as well as some funny fractured tales.  Klipfel & Kids along with Mrs. Higgins' Class and Mrs. Thomson's class are writing our very own group fairy tale.  We began with a collective brainstorming session to discuss possible story elements.

After coming up with some magical ideas, each class had to determine which part of the fairy tale they would write.  Here is how we broke the story into three parts: The Beginning, Middle and End.

Klipfel & Kids got the beginning and were responsible for writing about the characters and setting. Wait until you hear about our beautiful princess, evil prince and his pet, Harry the fire-breathing dragon.  
We anxiously waited for the middle and ending to be written.  We were so excited to hear what happened with our characters.  We are happy to announce they are complete and now we are ready to illustrate.  Even though we wrote the beginning of the story, we will now be digitally illustrating the middle.  This really is one collaborative project!  Stay tuned for our first grade fairy tale coming to an iPad near you soon.

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