Sunday, December 14, 2014

1st Grade Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a school far far away, our class along with Mrs. Higgins' and Mrs. Thomson's classes wrote one magical fairy tale.  It all began many days ago with our initial collaborative brainstorming session to discuss potential fairy tale elements.  After each classroom wrote one section of the story, we swapped to create illustrations that complemented our peers' writing.  
Klipfel & Kids was responsible for illustrating the middle part of our fairy tale that Mrs. Higgins' class wrote. In partners, students illustrated one or two sentences using a drawing app on the iPad. Once illustrations were completed in all three classrooms, our group fairy tale was ready to be put together in Book Creator using a little extra fairy dust.  1st graders are pleased to present The Princess and the Pearls!  

You may download our fairy tale on any electronic device to add to your digital library or you can view our book as a PDF for reading or printing on a computer.

Option 1: Add The Princess and the Pearls to your digital library.  
Click on the link: The Princess and the Pearls
Then click on Download.
Click Open in iBooks.

Option 2: Read The Princess and the Pearls in PDF form by clicking here.

As the story goes, students and teachers lived happily ever after with a new magical tale added to their digital library to read again, and again and again.

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