Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Klipfel and Kids along with Mrs. Thomson's 1st graders had a magical opportunity to skype with Mrs. P today. Mrs. P's Magic Library came to life at Fuller Meadow. You may recognize Mrs. P as actress Kathy Kinney. When she isn't sitting in her library, wearing her fancy clothes and glasses you may have seen her on the TV. Mrs. P provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers from all over to connect with her on Skype in the Classroom.

 Before our visit her elves even sent us fancy bookmarks that look like a movie pass.
Mrs. P began by telling us a secret, "If you can tell a story, then you can write a story." After asking Molly and Sophia about their pets (3 dogs together) , Mrs. P used her imagination to tell an entertaining story with them (and their dogs) in it. "Once in a land that was always orange...".

Mrs. P taught us not to let our imagination get "flabby". She even helped us give it a stretch. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about story telling and writing. We look forward to continuing to use our imagination to write stories, poems and songs.

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  1. It was fun learning about writing with Mrs. P.