Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Personal Narratives

Personal Narratives are stories we write about ourselves. Rather than writing large watermelon narratives we have been focusing our ideas into "seed" stories. 1st graders thought of one small moment in their long 6 or 7 years old lives to write a seed story about. We shared these seeds on a sticky note and added them to our class watermelon.
Students took their idea and wrote a detailed story using transition words to show the sequence of events. Like all good writers, we began with detailed pictures. Next, we added sentences and used a green pen to revise and edit our work. All circled words are ones we need to look up in a pictionary. We also checked for capitals, periods and ways to make our writing better.
Part of making our writing even better is including sensory words in our stories.  We visited the leaf covered courtyard so students could record what they were seeing, hearing, feeling, and touching. Each student had a flipbook to fill in words or pictures about the senses they were experiencing.


  1. It was fun using our senses and the best part was when we were writing outside.

    1. Urmi,

      I am so happy you enjoyed going to the courtyard and practicing writing with your senses. Make sure to keep including the different senses in your wonderful writing pieces. Thanks for your comment.

      Miss Klipfel