Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Klipfel & Kids by the Numbers

Math has been all about numbers. Number bonds, writing numbers, number words, comparing numbers, counting numbers, creating number patterns and number balances have been worked on so far in 1st grade...and it's not even October.  Here is a little Klipfel & Kids by the numbers...
One magnificent m loving monkey, Mango
Two groups of desks
Three student computers

Four students can write on the Smartboard at once!
Five delicious lunch choices
Eight giggly girls
Nine handsome boys
Twelve brownies to fill a pan
Seventeen smiling students

Too many monkeys to count!
We'd love for you to leave a comment with some numbers that represent you.  photo SequinHeart_zpsd1212b09.jpg


  1. Mrs. Klipfel By the Numbers
    0 pets
    1 delightful, talented daughter
    1 darling daughter in law
    2 successful sons
    3 cars
    4 pillows on my bed
    5 Disney pins on my lanyard
    7 siblings
    8 Disney watches
    Too many Minnie Mouse to count

  2. Miss Klipfel by the Numbers
    1 magnificent Minnie Mouse loving Mom
    2 brainy brothers
    3 liters of water drank daily
    4 half marathons complete
    5 bananas eaten a week
    6 miles from my house to school
    7 mini American girl dolls
    11 players on my field hockey team
    15 major league baseball stadiums visited
    17 smiling students
    Too many shoes to keep track of!

  3. In my house
    1 Awesome Mom
    2 Boys
    3 Cats
    and too many stuffed animals to count.


  4. 0 brothers 1 dog 2 sisters 3 kids 4 girls 5 people in my family 6 is my number for soccer and too many footballs to count.

  5. Urmi by the numbers
    1 loved dad
    1 loved mom
    1 loved bother
    1 room
    Too many clothes too count
    Too many shoes too count

  6. 1 mom
    2 favorite stuffed animals
    3 bedrooms
    and 4 neighbors

  7. Zero pets
    One lovely Mom
    One lovely Brother
    Two pillow pets
    Three beds
    Too many toys and shoes and shirts to count!

  8. Hadley by the numbers
    0 dogs
    1 pet frog
    2 trips to Japan
    3 trips to Hawaii
    4 pumpkins at our house
    5 people in our family
    6 years old!
    and too many stuffed animals to count!!!

  9. James by the numbers
    1 loved dog
    2 loved sisters
    3 blades on my fan
    4 stickers on the wall
    5 people in my family
    6 lights in my living room
    7 stuffed animals
    8 dogs playing checkers
    and to many books to count

  10. Mrs. Lawrence By the Numbers:
    0 Pets
    1 Loving Husband
    2 Awesome Children
    3 Wonderful Siblings
    4 Bedrooms to sleep in
    5 Exciting days a week with 1st Graders
    6 Miles to walk every Saturday (with Mrs. Marshall)
    7 Days to count my blessings
    Countless happy memories yet to be MADE!

  11. Maya by the numbers:
    1 dog
    2 couches
    3 doors
    4 bathrooms
    5 sinks
    6 chairs
    7 pumpkins still out
    8 witches still out
    9 papers
    10 candy corn
    and too many stuffed animals to count!

  12. Timmy by the numbers

    1 Awesome dad
    2 Hockey nets
    3 Fireplaces
    4 computers
    5 Dirt Bikes
    6 Golf Clubs
    7 Chairs
    8 Minutes till dinner
    9 Is my hockey number
    10 Hockey Sticks
    And too many pucks to count

  13. Sarah By The Numbers
    1 Sister
    2 Cats
    3 Coats
    Too many clothes too count