Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May Flowers

When we peek outside our classroom window we see beautiful May flowers budding all around us. Well, flowers have also been budding in our classroom too. Students made "math flowers" to show their knowledge of representing different numbers. 1st graders showed their target number with equations (addition and subtraction), in a ten frame, with tens and ones and some even wrote the number word. 

These flowers came out so adorable we decided to send a set to our penpals. While creating our penpal flowers we focused on the difference between interrogative sentences (questions) and explanatory sentences. 1st graders asked their penpal a series of questions on the front side, making sure to include the question mark and then answered these questions with explanatory sentences on the back. We even included our mustache pictures to give our penpals a smile.

 photo tag2_zps6e7d3f00.jpg

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