Friday, May 9, 2014

How to...

In Writer's Workshop, 1st graders have been focusing on informational writing. Each student chose a topic they were an expert on to create a "How To..." book. Once students decided on a topic they began with a rough draft, making sure to use rich transition words. Next, students used green pens to revise and edit their work. After that, 1st graders used scribble press on the iPads to create a how to book.

I was very impressed to look around the classroom during Writer's Workshop to see every single student, I repeat EVERYONE on task for the whole writing block. 1st graders were so into creating their books and repeatedly asked and begged to finish them.
Students using their rough drafts and turning them into published books

Check out our published Scribble Press creations by clicking on the book titles below. Make sure to look at the back cover and learn about our fabulous published authors.
How To Be A Goalie by Written and Illustrated by Matthew
Matty: How to Be a Goalie
How To Make  The Pettiest Flower In The World by Written and Illustrated by Natalia
Natalia: How to Make the
Prettiest Flower in the World
Jake: How to Brush Teeth
John: How to Hit a Baseball
Ella: How to Do The
 Gymnastics Rings

Marco: How to Ride a Dirt Bike
Luke: How to Sing
Teagan: How to Hug Miss
Klipfel and Never Let Go
Quinn: How to Cook
Katherine: How to Paint
your Nails
Ashwin: How to 
Sophia: How to Tie your Shoe \
Hailey: How to Swim in the Pool
           Brannon: How to Build a
 Lego Airplane
Carter: How to Set
Up a Chess Board
Langdon: How to Brush
your Teeth
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