Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pretty Please

Convince Me! Students have been working on writing persuasive writing pieces. First, 1st graders brainstormed different items they wanted at home or at school. Then students wrote adorable persuasive letters to try and change your mind. To help us write persuasive pieces we have been using "OREO". We start by writing our Opinion, then Reason, next Explanation, and finally restate our Opinion. If we're feeling like extra great writers that day, we will double stuff our Oreo! Students worked in groups to write a persuasive piece convincing me to get something for our classroom.
Kaitlyn, Sophia and Hailey tried to convince me for a class bunny. They believed it would cheer us up when we were sad and provide a new exciting class job.  The three of them even told me they would ask Mrs. Carreiro for permission and have a bake sale to raise money.  They then added in a few "pretty pleases" and hearts along the way. They definitely know good manners is the best way to try and convince me!
Luke, John, Matty, and Jake hoped for their very own cool computers for our classroom. They believe it will be fun and educational to no longer have to share computers in room 116. The boys promised to only do IXL, Raz-kids, or whatever the teacher told them. Everyone in our classroom agreed on this one believing we should all have our own computers or iPads in class. Fingers crossed someday this dream comes true (we might need to cross our toes too)!
Carter, Quinn, Ashwin and Brannon gave arguments for why we should get robots to do our work in school. They tried to persuade me that by having robots they would be able to sit and relax all day. This group offered to make the robots out of old tv parts and sell sandwiches to raise money.  I wonder if they can create a robot monkey too?
Teagan, Katherine and Natalia would like a slumber party for room 116. This group believed after a slumber party our classroom would be well rested and ready to focus on school work. They stated they would have a fundraiser to bring in ice cream (sherbet and chocolate my favorites) plus sprinkles and popcorn.  They also stated that some kids in our class have never had a slumber party, so what better place than 1st grade.
Langdon, Marco and Ella tried to persuade the class for a class pet day. This group believed it would be fun to learn about each other's beautiful pets. They promised to hang their backpacks up and not bully, in order to have a class pet day. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed at school so I guess our stuffed friends will have to do.

Since all the 1st graders did an excellent job with their writing, we celebrated with a brownie point and some Klipfel Kash. Unfortunately, with school rules and school money my fairy dust wasn't able to grant any other wishes but it's always fun to dream.
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