Monday, January 27, 2014


Math has been quite a busy time for us in 1st grade. Length and measurement have been our focus for the past few weeks. Students used non standard units to measure different objects around the classroom. We have been practicing using our mathematical language to compare objects. Have your child show you how they can make their body large, larger and largest or short, shorter and shortest.
Is the Smartboard taller or shorter than the yard stick?
Prior to our learning about length, 1st graders learned all about ordinal numbers. We used what we knew about standing in line or grades in school to practice with the order words (first, second, third, fourth etc.). Students also practiced with positional words such as between, behind, in front of or underneath.

1st graders are now moving into number sentences and word problems to 20, so please continue to work on automatically knowing addition and subtraction facts to ten!

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