Tuesday, February 26, 2013

100th Day...part 2

Welcome back to first grade after a hopefully nice relaxing vacation with your children.  I have heard many stories about your fun filled February vacations.  Here are a few more 100th day activities we completed, they were too cute not to share!
1st graders had so much fun dressed as 100 year old people that we took the opportunity to write about ourselves at 100 years old.  1st graders wrote about what they would do, wear and say.  We also used this activity to help practice our transition words (First, Then, Finally).  

Also on the 100th day, 1st graders used their imagination to turn the digits from 100 into a creative picture.  I love how different their pictures all came out.  Students made giraffes, smiles, flowers, scuba masks and even a deer hiding behind a bush.

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