Friday, February 15, 2013

100th Day

We finally celebrated the 100th day in 1st grade!  One day late but Valentine's Day was already jam packed with festive activities yesterday that we needed a whole day to really celebrate the 100th day.  1st graders are 100 days smarter and 100 days older...we sure did look a lot older today.
During math we headed over to the Fuller Meadow Senior Center for a few games of place value bingo.

I bet you didn't know your 100 year old Grandma knew how to skype.  Us old folks can definitely learn new things and today we skyped with a Kindergarten and 3rd class at Steward School in Topsfield.  Thanks Mrs. Klipfel for skyping with us.  We made sure our hearing aids were turned all the way up.
iPads are so easy to use that even when you're 100 years old you can still use them.  We met our 100 year old Kindergarten buddies in the amphitheater to explore the new apps on the iPads. 

Boy were we ready for the early bird special and a nice nap by the time our day was done (especially Granny Klipfel)! 

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