Thursday, March 9, 2017


With the wonderful addition of nine iPads right in our classroom, you might walk into Room 116 at any point and think that students are "playing" on the iPads but Klipfel & Kids are very busy learning. 1st graders have been loving using the iPads as digital print in guided reading groups, for independent reading and partner reading. 1st graders use iBooks to read digital texts with interactive digital features and to enjoy class books we have made this year.
We of course have some favorite reading apps. A new favorite app Epic! (the Netflix of books) lets students enjoy a wide variety of digital books. Scholastic Classroom Magazine is another wonderful app students love reading from to improve their nonfiction reading skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. Klipfel and Kids can't forget Raz-Kids where students have discovered the added features in the bookroom.
We don't stop there 1st graders are becoming experts on sharing their thinking about texts in digital form too! We can retell texts using illustrations from the story or what we visualized. Check out some of our work below or visit your child's drive to see more.
Students can read digital print at home. If you haven't already, save our class books in iBooks for easy reading anytime. At home, search the free books available in iBooks for your child to practice their reading or download our favorite reading apps if you don't already have them! Happy digital reading!

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  1. You first graders could really show me a thing or two about digital reading! When I was in first grade, all we had to read were books! Made out of paper! Can you guys believe that?!? You guys are so lucky!