Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Opinion Writing

In writer's workshop, 1st graders have been working on opinion writing. 1st graders have LOTS of opinions but we have learned that the best opinions are supported with reasons why. To practice our opinion writing, students first voted on their favorite season.
In these seasonal groups, students then worked together to brainstorm why they like that season. Many students loved summer for swimming, fall for Halloween, spring because the baseball season rolls around and winter for sledding. 
Group members working on reasons for why they love their season
Each group wrote their reasons on large chart paper and then presented their work to classmates. Groups made sure to start by stating their opinion, giving multiple reasons and closing with their opinion. This helped us work on being good presenters and audience members.
We'd love you to leave us a comment with your favorite season and a reason why.


  1. Summer is the best season since the weather is perfect for doing some of my favorite activities. Summertime is the best time to go to the lake and wakeboard or read a book on the dock. During the summer months I love having tons of time to run outside and then jump right in a pool. In my opinion summer is definitely the best season!

  2. My favorite season is Summer. Warm weather, ice cream, swimming, going to the ocean, long trips, spending time with family, relaxing. In my opinion it's the best - I 100% agree with Miss.Klipfel on this one!

  3. Lorena A.
    My favorite season is Fall because you can see all of those beautiful colors in the trees, the weather is so good not as warm and fresh. Finally, I really love the sound of the wind.

  4. My favorite season is Fall. I enjoy looking at the landscapes and admiring the beautiful colors! The weather is just perfect: not too warm and not too cold.

  5. Winter is definitely the best season! When else can you do fun, outdoor activities like sledding, iceskating, snowshoeing, and skiing? Hot cocoa tastes especially yummy in the winter and it's the only time of year you can build a snowman and snow fort or have a snowball fight! It's also the best season to warm up inside by a toasty fire. I love snow days from school stuck inside with my family when there is a snowstorm. Winter is definitely the best season!