Thursday, June 9, 2016

Don't Let the Pigeon Play Sports

Today was a jam packed 1st grade day with field day, sports day, Pigeon, hot dogs and Mo Willems. Needless to say we had a spectacular day (and yes we're ready for a nap).  Students (and their teacher) played tug-of-war, ran through obstacle courses, and ate delicious snow cones. Students even had a sponge race. Smiling faces and cheers filled the back field! Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this field day a success.
Make sure to check out our field day slideshow!

First graders and their teachers enjoyed a delicious hot dog lunch.  I even taught some 1st graders how to spell their name in ketchup.  As a grade we created a graph and all voted on how we liked our hot dogs.  Overwhelming hot dogs with ketchup won, although in our classroom we had hot dogs with BBQ lovers and even some who liked hot dogs with chips on top.
Taking lunchies
We spent the afternoon celebrating ourselves as readers. Yes, we can all read!! We began by watching an interview with the hilarious Mo Willems and learned how he gets his ideas and makes them into a real published book.

Mo Willems always entertains us will his writing and definitely makes us laugh. We learned that every night at dinner time, Mo and his family sit down to doodle at the kitchen table. Mo explained that we should never give up on drawing, so we thought we'd give his doodling a try.

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