Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Arrivals!

Klipfel & Kids is excited to share the wonderful news...chicken eggs have arrived!  In 21 days we will (hopefully) have 15 new additions to Room 116.  The wonderful Mrs. Bucchiere (also known as Farmer Darcy) is letting us take part in this real life science project right in our classroom.  She is one expert in the realm of hatching chickens!  First, she came in early to set up the incubator and make sure everything was running smoothly. 

Letting the eggs get to room temperature before putting them in the incubator.
Then this afternoon she delivered the eggs!  She shared her knowledge, pictures and videos from former eggs she had hatch to help get us ready.  Now we wait 21 short days and watch as these eggs hatch into baby chicks.  We will be observing as this life cycle takes place right in front of our eyes!  

We are looking forward to Farmer Darcy's next visit.

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