Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nanananana Batweek

We've gone batty over bats in 1st grade. We started by asking I wonder questions about bats. There were typical questions such as, "Do bats bite?", "Do bats eat meat?" or "What do bats do during the day/night?". There were also some clever I wonder questions such as, "I wonder how bats get in our house" or "I wonder how bats don't fall". National Geographics for Kids was our resource for learning about these interesting creatures. Here's your fun fact for the week: One bat can eat almost 600 mosquitoes in 1 hour!

We used our love for learning about bats to help us practice our math facts. First we worked on our understanding of the commutative property of addition. Each student was given a number which was called their whole. Then we split our whole into two parts to write an addition sentence. This addition sentence went on one side of their bat. We then flipped our parts and our bat to write the turn around fact. Amazingly 1+3=3+1!
Our love of bats also helped us with our math fact families. Students were given bats with different parts on their wings. 1st graders were challenged to create fact families and number bonds to accompany their bats.  This helped us work on related math facts!
We are officially experts on bats. Although we still don't know how bats get in our house. I guess that will remain a mystery.

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