Monday, June 16, 2014

Animal Teeth & Hair

To follow up our animal reports, we read the adorable story What if you had Animal Teeth. If you haven't heard of this story it is definitely worth checking out. This story is really neat because it switches off between non-fiction and fiction pages. 1st graders got to decide which animal's teeth they would want and how they would be helpful.  

One 1st grader wanted vampire bat teeth so he could open his Christmas presents without hands. Another friend wished for pearly white elephant tusks so she could balance Shirley Temples on them.  Bengal tiger teeth were a popular choice, many 1st graders wanted to be able to lift very heavy objects with just their teeth (one 1st grader even wanted to try and lift his mom's car).

Next we checked out, What if you had Animal Hair by the same author.  In their read and respond journals, 1st graders were able to decide what animal hair they would want. Students wanted everything from porcupine spikes, to keep bullies away, to arctic fox fur, so they could change color.

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