Monday, February 24, 2014

100th Day

97, 98, 99....100! We finally made it to the 100th day of 1st grade.  Welcome back to first grade after a hopefully relaxing vacation with your children. I have heard many stories about your fun filled February vacations.  Today, 1st graders are 100 days smarter and 100 days older.
1st graders had so much fun being 100 days brighter that we pretended to be 100 years older.  1st graders wrote about what they would do, wear and say when they're really really old. We also used this activity to help practice our transition words (First, Then, Finally).
When I'm 100, it will be posh.
I will say, "Goodnight darling."

Also on the 100th day, 1st graders used their creativity to turn the digits from 100 into an imaginative (that's a fancy word for creative) picture.  I love how different their pictures all came out. Students made dinosaurs, a butterfly, smiles, boats and even an Olympic bobsled.
1st graders also made a list of things they wanted to do before they are 100 years old.  There were all kinds of items on their 100 year old bucket list, including get a job, visit Disney, go to Hawaii.  Some 1st graders wanted to buy a mansion, have a butler and even own a limousine.  I'm sure they will of course remember their favorite 1st grade teacher when all these dreams come true!

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