Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time in a far away classroom, seventeen first graders were hard at work writing their very own fairy tales. In this magical classroom, students discussed all the different elements of fairy tales. Unknown things such as royalty, magic, villains, heroes, spells and sometimes even dragons became part of everyday lessons.
Fairy Tale Word Wall
It all began one snowy day with students filling in castle organizers with title, characters, problem, solution and setting. While reading a variety of different fairy tales we have been focusing on what the problem in the fairy tale was and how it was solved.

Students then wrote, wrote and wrote some more using all the fairy tale elements. Some students had Big Bad Gorillas, magic bananas and even a Fairy Dogmother.
1st graders then illustrated a detailed cover page.  They really needed to imagine the characters and setting of their magical tale.
As the story ends, these seventeen first graders kept learning happily ever after!  

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