Thursday, November 21, 2013

Floppy Turkey

1st graders have been discussing how the Pilgrims and Native Americans, particularly the Wampanoags, lived differently than we do.  It was pretty hard to learn life hasn't always been iPads, computers and fast cars.  We used a variety of books and online sources to help us learn about life back then compared to life now.
With old floppy discs still laying around and the fact that I love to put free things to good use, 1st graders created floppy turkeys.  After it was clarified that a floppy disc is not a calculator or a camera and no the disc inside does not come out to play a movie, students got busy decorating feathers.

On the left side, 1st graders wrote something that the Pilgrims or Wampagnoags had then and on the right side students compared it to what we have now. We brainstormed so many different ideas about how their lives were different than ours. For example, the Pilgrim boys wore dresses until the age of six or seven but now boys wear jeans or shorts.  Pilgrims and Wampagnoags played games like ten pin and marbles but now we have computers, TV, iPods and iPads but thankfully no more floppy discs only floppy turkeys.

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