Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Klipfel & Kids by the Numbers

Math has been all about numbers. Number bonds, writing numbers, number words, comparing numbers, counting numbers, creating number patterns and number balances have been worked on so far in 1st grade...and it's only October.

Here is a little Klipfel & Kids by the numbers...
One teacher with one magnificent m loving monkey, Mango
Two groups of desks
Three student computers
Five delicious lunch choices
Seven giggly girls
Ten handsome boys

Twelve brownie points to fill a pan
Seventeen silly smiling students
Too many monkeys to count!
We'd love for you to leave a comment with some numbers that represent you. 
 photo tag2_zps6e7d3f00.jpg


  1. Mrs. Klipfel By the Numbers
    0 pets
    1 delightful, talented daughter
    1 darling daughter in law
    2 successful sons
    3 garages
    4 cars
    7 siblings
    8 Disney watches
    Too many Minnie Mouse to count

  2. We loved seeing your pumpkin alliterations