Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Animal Reports

Writer's Workshop over the past few weeks has been focused on informational writing.  1st graders picked an animal to research and write about.  Each report shared the type of animal (mammal, bird, reptile, or amphibian), the animal's diet, where the animal lives and a few fun facts.
We learned tons of new information and fun facts about all types of different animals.  Did you know Cheetahs could totally freeze for 20 minutes?  We tried freezing for 30 seconds and learned just how hard 20 minutes would be.

Afterwards we read the adorable story What if you had Animal Teeth donated to our class from the book fair (Thank You!). If you haven't heard of this story it is definitely worth checking out.  This story is really neat because it switches off between non-fiction and fiction pages. 1st graders got to decide which animal's teeth they would want and how they would be helpful.  

One 1st grader wanted  vampire bat teeth so she could open her Christmas presents without her hands.  Another friend wished for elephant tusks so when he played soccer he could use his tusks to help him play.  Bengal tiger teeth were a popular choice, many 1st graders wanted to be able to lift very heavy objects with just their teeth (one 1st grader even wanted to try and lift the Statue of Liberty). 

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