Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Writer's Workshop

It looked like a squiggle but it wasn't a squiggle...

We read the story, It Looked Like Split Milk to get ideas for our own writing pieces, during Writer's Workshop.  Students were given a squiggle line and created a picture around that squiggle.  It is always fun to see what the boys' and girls' creative minds come up with. Students' drawings were unique and interesting. Once we completed our pictures, we wrote a sentence to go with our work.  Then, we took our sentences through the whole writing process!  We especially focused on revising our writing and making them even better.

Steps in the writing process
Here are our published pieces. Click on the pictures for a close up.

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  1. May get a copy of your watermelon sheet with seeds for students? Thanks so much kijohnso@wcboe.org