Thursday, September 13, 2012

School Rules

NO, DAVID!  As a class we've read David Shannon's hilarious books about one trouble making boy.  We then used David's naughty behavior to discuss the rules of our classroom. Students came up with their own rules and put their "John Hancock" on our class constitution.

We the students of room 116 pledge to follow these rules:
No bullying. Ariana
No standing in front of the Smartboard.  Allison
Ask before you leave the classroom.  Aidan
Keep your hands to yourself.  Jacob
No touching the computer.  Maxwell
No yelling.  Rayan
Include other people.  Nicholas
No running in the hallway.  Brady
No running in the classroom. Kurt
Try to be nice to other people that you know.  Kaitlin
Hands and feet you yourself. Liam
No jumping in the hallway.  Emma
No screaming.  Mia
Raise your hand.  Ana
You have to be quiet while someone is talking. Rebecca
Use our walking feet.  Kenna
No yelling.  Riley
No shouting out. Andrew
No playing with the animals only reading. Olivia


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